Backward Class

Name of the Head Clerk : Sri Bireswar Mandal ( Gr. ‘B’ )

Other Staff attached to the Section
1. Sri Krishnendu Roy Inspector (BCW)
2. Sri Deb Kumar Ghosh Addl.Inspector (BCW)
3. Sri Utpal Kumar Roy Staff (Kultali Block)
4. Sri Souman Dey Operator (D.T.W) (Deputed)
5. Sri. Ambarih Sengupta RLI (Deputed)
6. Sri. Joyjit Goswami RLI (Deputed)
7. Sri. Bonkim Sinha RLI (Deputed)
8. Sri. Dilip Naskar Gr.- D – RLI (RLI)
9. Smt. Shyamli Sarkar Gr.- D
10. Md. Irfan Pathan Gr.- D

General Description
The work of SC/ST/ OBC is a mammoth exercise . A large no of applications for caste certificate were received in a prescribed format along with relevant documents and thereafter checking and verifying all the documents the caste certificate was issue to the respective persons manually in the past. On 17/06/2016, system has been changed . Henceforth all such applications should be applied on line . At present the applicants are submitting their applications for having their caste certificate through online and thereafter Block concerned with its recommendation are placing all such applications along with supporting papers to SDO’s Office while applications relating to Municipalities as such are received at the BCW Section of SDO, Baruipur, South 24 Parganas . On receiving such applications, all the papers / documents are being scrutinized through and through and after satisfying from this end ,the caste certificates are issued. Issued caste certificate is delivery from the block concerned in case of block areas while from the BCW section of S.D.O, Baruipur, South 24 Parganas for Municipalities. In need, contact may be made over the following telephone nos.

S.D.O.’s Office, Baruipur :
1. B.D.O Baruipur 033-2433-8221
2. B.D.O Sonarpur 033-2433-9488
3. B.D.O Joynagar - I 033-1822-3700
4. B.D.O Joynagar – II 033-1822-6006
5. B.D.O Bhangore – I 032-1827-0221
6. B.D.O Bhangore – II 032-1827-0215
7. B.D.O Kultali 032-1824-8111
8. Rajpur SOnarpur Municipality -
9. Baruipur Municipality -
10. Joynagar Municipality -

Work Description
Issuance of Format Certificate: While various Deptts. Want to know before giving appointment whether any caste certificate was issued genuinely, on the basis of the request of the applicant / Deptt. we issue a for verifying of creamy layer in case of OBC as well.
Issuance of Duplicate Certificate : If any applicant claims that his/ her original caste certificate lost , burnt, torn or damaged for any other reason genuinely – we issue duplicate certificate from this end duly Frequently we receive a large number of communications from different wings to know its geniuses. After verifying the same on the basis of available records we inform the Deptt concerned accordingly.

Apart from this , we have to face Court matters, RTI matters and various complaints as and when arise.
Local enquiry for Caste Certificate & all Education Schemes only for Municipality area is being done by Somnath Banerjee (Inspector) , BCW . Besides, Municipality has to perform the work of maintenance of Dhaki , SC/ST loan and Intercaste Marriage .

Name of staff with Designation & assigned
1. Sri.Bireswar Mondal H/C (Gr.B) H/C of the SC/ST/OBC Section in-Charge Promote Disposal certified, verification, pre/post metric scholarship any type of related work.
2. Sri. Deb Kumar Ghosh Addl.Inspector.(RE)
Shyam Sundar Bag D.E.O
Related pre/post metric Bhangore – II Block
3. Sukla Ghosh D.E.O
Subhasish Debnath D.E.O
Work of Data entry of Certificate cases
4. Souman Dey (Operator)
Ambarish Sengupta OCM.
Processing Bhangore – I Block
Processing Joynagar – II Block
5. Utpal Kumar Roy , Gr.- D Processing Sonarpur Block
Processing Joynagar Municipality
6. Bankim Sinha OCM.
Dilip Naskar Gr.- D Stuff
Processing Rajpur Sonarpur Municipalty
Processing Joynagar – II Block
7. Joyjit Goswami OCM
Shyamali Sarkar Gr.- D Stuff
Processing Baruipur Block
Help Certificate Preparation Work.
8. Irfan Khan Gr.- D
Keya Chatterjee (Contg)
Help Certificate Preparation Work.
Help to all departmental work.
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